Philosophy “Portfolio theory, not predictions should be the basis of any investment strategy.” - Thomas Wehlen

Modern financial theory correctly predicted the dominance of index fund performance and the superiority of long-term investing. In addition, all options pricing and stock valuation models used today are based on a large body of financial research. Most investment advisors try to beat the market through market timing and predictions, thereby disproving financial theory. Coburn Barrett refuses to make predictions and uses financial theory as the foundation for its strategy.

The GLI fund’s twenty four year track record is evidence of the power of modern portfolio theory.

Guiding Principles

Coburn Barrett follows a long-term investment philosophy that favors holding periods of three years and beyond. Our strategies are based on the tenets listed below. While many of these are well known and widely understood, it is our position that properly applying them gives Coburn Barrett a clear advantage.

Coburn Barrett does not charge performance fees. Our flat fee structure reflects our belief that the long-term risk-adjusted return to the investor is the only relevant measure of performance. In addition, it insures alignment of investors’ and managers’ interests.

GLI Fund